Aidan Mikdad: student-in-residence Verbier Festival Academy

We are proud to announce that Aidan Mikdad (14) has been invited to participate as student-in-residence in the Verbier Festival Academy. This is an exceptional honour and testifies to the high level of playing Aidan has attained at such a young age. The Verbier Festival Academy is part of the Verbier Festival, which will take -place from July 22 – August 72016 in Switzerland. Aidan’s participation includes masterclasses with Klaus Hellwig and Ferenc Rados and a solo performance.
Only last month Aidan won first prize at the international competition Premio internazionale pianistico ‘A. Scriabin’ in Grosseto, Italy, for pianists up to 35 years of age, where he was by far the youngest participant.

Aidan Mikdad
Photography by Anne Meyer